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Global Visas is a world-leading authority on immigration – handling visa applications for both individuals and corporate clients. With a team of expert immigration consultants we take care of your entire visa application. All you have to do is take the initial FREE assessment and we will do all the rest.

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Take the free assessment to find the ideal visa for your needs. Our experienced immigration lawyers can handle a visa application for absolutely anywhere in the world. Our comprehensive visa services will help you all the way through your immigration – from making your initial visa application to helping you settle in your new country.

Global Visas: Dubai is the Middle East branch of our worldwide company. Our global network of offices includes the UK, US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, India and the Philippines.

Our services are split into two categories:

Corporate Immigration Services

Employers with international staff need expert legal advice to help them move workers between countries. We can offer an ongoing service, providing legal advice and assistance for international movement of employees.

Take the free assessment to find out more about our corporate immigration services. One of our consultants will be in touch to discuss all the services we can offer.

Individual Visa Services

Immigration law can be complex, so it pays to speak to an expert before you embark on any visa application. Global Visas goes one step further by handling your entire visa application and providing advice throughout your immigration.

By taking the free assessment you can quickly and easily find the ideal visa for your needs thanks to the expert immigration advice at Global Visas.

UK Immigration

Our UK office in London has a team of UK immigration lawyers and specialists ready to handle your UK visa application. Your UK visa options include UK Tier 1 (Highly Skilled Work Visa), UK Tier 2 (Sponsored Work Visa), UK Tier 4 (UK Student Visa) and UK Tier 5 (Short Term Work Visa and Working Holiday Visas).

Australia Visas

Your Australia immigration options include work permits, business visas, family visas and student visas for Australia. Our office in the country has a team of MARA-approved immigration lawyers to assist with your Australia visa application. An Australian visa can be difficult due to the complex Australian immigration law, so it pays to speak to the experts.

Canada Immigration

Whether you want to work in Canada, study, visit family or move permanently, Global Visas can help. We have an office in Toronto to help get your Canada visa quickly and efficiently. Our Canada immigration experts have extensive experience dealing with all forms of Canadian visas including the popular Federal Skilled Worker Canada visa program and the Provincial Nomination path to Canadian immigration.

US Visas

The ever-changing US immigration law can be tricky, so it’s important that you consult a US visa expert to handle your application. With over 60 different types of US working visa alone, you can rely on Global Visas to find the ideal USA visa for your needs. Our American immigration experts are here to handle all categories of US visas and immigration, including: the US Green Card; H1-B and L1 visa; EB-1 and EB-2 visa; or relationship-based visas such as the K1 fiance visa and K3 spouse visa.

South Africa Immigration

Our Cape Town branch has teams of specialists in South Africa immigration. Every day we help both individual and corporate clients with their South Africa visa applications, so whether you want to work, study, move permanently or gain citizenship – Global Visas can help.

Our services also include: India Visa, Philippines Visa, Ireland Visa, New Zealand Visa, India immigration, Philippines immigration, Ireland immigration and New Zealand immigration services, plus much, much more.

To speak to a Global Visas consultant today just click on the link below to start your free assessment. Our free assessment tool allows you to find the ideal visa for your needs and benefit from the expert knowledge of the immigration lawyers and consultants at Global Visas. For over 15 years our visa and immigration services have made us the pre-eminent immigration service provider in the world, so click on the below link to contact us.

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