Canada Visa

Canada is a fantastic destination whether you want to live, work, study or travel. Applying for a visa can be a lengthy process, so why not let Global Visas handle the entire application? With teams of Canada immigration lawyers all over the world, we are the fastest and most reliable way to get a visa for Canada.

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The free assessment tool allows you to input your details to find out the best Canadian visa for your needs. It’s a simple, step-by-step process allowing you to benefit from the years of experience of the Global Visas staff. So start your immigration to Canada today by clicking on the above link.

Canada Immigration

If you would like to move to Canada permanently there are a number of Canadian immigration pathways to choose from. Skilled workers, family members and business people are all welcome in Canada. Visit the Canada immigration page for more information, or take the free assessment to get started now.

Canada Visas

If your visit to Canada is temporary you have many different Canada visa options. Whether you want to work, study, join family, holiday or visit, there is a visa for you. Visit the Canadian visa page to find out more about your options, or skip the hard part and take the free assessment to let Global Visas do all the work.

Canada Work Permit

To work in Canada, you will need to sort through the many Canada work permit options to find the ideal visa for your needs. Qualifying depends on your skills and experience, so it is important that you take the free assessment before submitting your application. It could save you time and money in the long run.

Canada Student Visa

Study in Canada provides access to a world-class education system. Read more about the multi-step process involved in applying for a study permit for Canada by visiting out Canada Student Visas page.

Canada Family Visa

Canada has an excellent, supportive family visa system. Whether you need a Canada spouse visa or Canadian fiancé visa – or if you have parents, children or other family members in Canada – there will be a visa to suit your needs. Click on the free assessment button to see if you can qualify for immigration to Canada via your family connections.

Canada Business Visa

There are a number of Canadian Business Visa options granting permanent residency in the country. Whether you want to start a business or invest in the Canadian economy, the Canada visa system is supportive of enterprising individuals. Qualifying depends on your business skills and personal wealth, so take the free assessment to find out about qualifying.

Global Visas: Immigration Canada Specialists

Global Visas has offices in Canada (and all over the world!), so Canadian immigration is one of our specialties. Speak to one of our experts about qualifying for a Canadian visa today by taking the free assessment below.

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